Charter Boat 86 Proof
Charter Fishing in Clearwater
Charter Boat 86 Proof - Pricing and Information

What Sets Charter Boat 86 Proof Apart From The Competition:

When choosing a charter fishing boat for you and your family, it is important to consider not just price, but safety, comfort, cleanliness, and fishing knowledge as well! We realize that it may appear as though every charter fishing boat available in Clearwater, FL is roughly the same - based on website descriptions and photos! We strongly caution you that this is not the case!

Safety: The owner / captain of Charter Boat 86 Proof takes great pride in operating a safe vessel. After and before every charter all aspects of the boat are visually checked for proper operation. We maintain and exceed the required United States Coast Guard required safety equipment. The Charter Boat 86 Proof is safe and stable in even the roughest of weather conditions. After over 46 years in business, we have never had a safety incident! Our competition cannot say the same.

Comfort: We have the largest cockpit of any of the charter fishing boats in Clearwater. This allows ample space for fishing and relaxation. We have a large, built-in cooler specifically designed for your drinks and snacks! Plenty of clean, fresh ice is stocked before each charter. The Charter Boat 86 Proof is one of the only sportfishing boats in Clearwater that features 4 high quality fighting chairs on deck. We encourage you to ask our competition how many they have - many have two, or even none!

The Charter Boat 86 Proof also features a comfotable, large cabin, with Air Conditioning for warm days, and a spotlessly clean head. The owner / captain cleans the restroom himself after every trip to ensure it is spotless before each charter.

Cleanliness: When your day of fishing comes to an end, the captain / owner himself (and often his wife), cleans the entire boat from top to bottom, inside and out. Everywhere you look, we are certain that you will not find a cleaner charter fishing boat. 2 to 3 hours per day are often spent cleaning, drying, and polishing the Charter Boat 86 Proof to insure that it is in flawless condition for you and your family and friends. We encourage you to visit the Clearwater Municiple Marina and check out the cleanliness of our competition! Would you really trust the safety and comfort of your family on the product offered by our competition? We hope not!

Fishing / Area Knowledge: No other captain in Clearwater, FL has been in business and fished these water for anywhere near the amount of time as Captain John Topicz of the Charter Boat 86 Proof. Captain Topicz has operated his charter fishing business from the same location in Clearwater for over 46 years. While our competition relies on often outdated electronics and luck to take you to where the fish our biting, Capt. Topicz uses the knowledge acquired over the course of his long-spanning career, as well as the latest electronics and top of the line equipment. Would you rather trust your day on the water to a captain with a lifetime of local fishing knowledge, or a fly-by-night operation whose captain got in the fishing business a couple months ago because it looked like fun?


½ Day    4 Hours    $650.00
¾ Day    6 Hours    $950.00
All Day   8 Hours    $1,400.00

  • Licensed to carry six passengers
  • Prices include bait, tackle, ice, fishing license and parking
  • You provide your own food and beverages.  Beer is fine, but please, no hard liquor.  We have a large built in cooler filled with fresh ice for your use, but you are welcome to bring your own.
  • Keep your catch and we fillet and bag them for you
  • Multi-boat trips can be arranged
  • Split groups arranged
  • Cash or local checks accepted…we do not accept credit cards

To book a charter or for information, please call: